I’ve runaway for one week – justifications of a guilty mum

So, those of you who know me understand that this escape was an alternative to a nervous breakdown. For the rest of you, I’m just a overworked mum, who runs a stressful business, and who has run a four year marathon. I’m freaking exhausted!!

I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe. There are thousands, millions of overworked women out there that are operating close to “the edge”. Maybe you have an understanding partner, maybe you are a solo parent, but you know you can’t keep running on empty and be the best mum, partner, career chick, without taking some time out to recharge.

The problem is….mother guilt. Or wife guilt, or work guilt. I don’t know if I’m mad, but I reckon most mums I know run on guilt. For me, I feel guilty when I leave the office at 6pm because I know how much work I have on. Then I feel guilty driving home because I didn’t leave earlier. I feel guilty that I’m too exhausted to be the romantic sex goddess my husband needs, and I feel guilty that the towels are in a pile in the hallway waiting to be folded.

Ive been feeling joyless, exhausted and depressed. A month ago, I complained to my husband that my sister was going to Bali for a holiday, and how I felt I needed a break more (apologies Dani!!). He agreed, and suggested I should take a break. Well, being the obedient wife that I am (please note sarcasm in my tone), I decided I should do what he said. With no additional encouragement, I started planning my escape.

So, here I am. Alone in Bali. Am I lonely? Hell no!!! It’s my first day, and from the moment I got through customs at Denpasar Airport, I’ve felt like a weight lifted of my shoulders. I’ve had a stupid grin on my face and have chatted with drivers, bar staff, concierge and enjoyed every second – in the moment- for the first time in years!!

Now, I confess that I write this with 3 exotic cocktails under my belt, and a serving of the most amazing scollops ever. I’m now waiting for my lobster risotto to arrive. I’ve played with my new camera this afternoon and had fun taking pics of the amazing resort I am staying in tonight. I love that I haven’t had to compromise a single second of my day to cater to kids or husband. I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do and I can’t stop smiling! Travelling alone is amazing!!!!

I’m thinking that I’m not the only working mum out there that needs an escape. Let’s be honest, the kids, the partner, the job can survive without us for one week. What if we took one week a year, just for ourselves. How much better would we be as mums, partners, workers?

Day 1 of my guilty escape saw me arrive at the fabulous Royal Beach Seminyak at about 5pm local time. I started by exploring the resort, enjoying an amazing sunset and taking advantage of the cocktail happy hour. All very guilty pleasures!

So, I am guilty! Guilty of taking one week out for me, so I can return a better mum, wife, boss, worker. I stand accused of being selfish and self centred, and I plead guilty…for this week.IMG_0174.JPG




4 thoughts on “I’ve runaway for one week – justifications of a guilty mum

  1. You said it beautifully! I agree with every word! Just keep enjoying and relaxing hon. You need it and you bloody deserve it!
    Good wife!!!!


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