Escape artistry for working mums – Day 2 of guilty Balinese pleasure

This morning I tried to squeeze as much bliss out of the Royal Beach Seminyak resort as I possibly could. I started with a strawberry juice by the pool, then enjoyed a gorgeous breakfast. I then explored the resort, and my new camera, taking photos of every beautiful thing I saw. I did not need to leave the resort to do that – every corner of it is outrageously beautiful . I cannot recommend it enough. Add it to your ‘must do’ list girls!

Now for the real reason I’m in Bali….the Bali Goddess Retreat.

Bali Goddess Retreat is an all girl yoga/spa retreat in a luxury villa hidden down a lush lane way not far from the main shopping strip in Seminyak. On arrival I was greeted by Sally and the Goddess team who gave me a quick induction to the retreat and introduced me to the other Goddess Guests. There are 7 of us, 6 Aussie girls and 1 Scottish girl. My room is, of course, lovely and girly in every way, complete with my name laid out in petals across my bed. Feminine bliss.

Since our first yoga session didn’t start for a few hours, I decided to explore Seminyak. I had the most delicious spring rolls in the entire world for lunch, then wandered through the streets, taking photos, stopping at cafes that looked too amazing to pass, and, of course, shopping. (Why did I pack a full suitcase??? ….mental note, the best clothing for Bali is not found at Target….it’s found in Bali)

By 5pm we started our first Yoga session. Now, be under no illusion about me….I am no yoga queen. I am a clutz. I worked my butt off just trying to maintain my pace, two moves behind everyone else. One thing that the session did highlight was the tension in my back and shoulders. It felt like I had a backpack full of lead on my shoulders throughout the whole session……where is that Spa Menu?……hmmm, 1.5 hours of hot stone massage looks just right.

So after a delicious meal with all of the girls, I escaped to the spa to end my day with another decadent guilty pleasure.





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