The importance of sisterhood – Escaping with your girl posse

We all need sisters, whether they are soul sisters you choose to have in your life, or those who shared your childhood bedroom and family. I’m blessed to have a sister who fits both categories.

My sis and I have shared travel, friends and even careers over the past 25 years. Yesterday, we got to share an afternoon and evening in Seminyak together. By good fortune we were both in Bali, and we got to hang out for a few hours before she flew out.

Of course, we did what sisters do – shopped, shared our current goals, dreams and hopes and shared a delicious meal. It was such a lovely evening, and I’m so grateful for that special time with my sister during this trip.

I’m loving travelling alone, but solo travel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Four of the ladies staying at the retreat have shared their escape together, and while their stories are there own, it’s obvious that they are supporting each other through what has been a very tough year for some of the group. Sisters and girl friends are so important to our souls. For many of you, escaping with your favourite women may be exactly what you need to recharge.

My aim for this blog is to inspire other women to nurture their own souls. For me, and many others, travel is the perfect way to escape our busy world and reconnect with ourselves. My journey is about healing myself, but I really hope I can inspire other mums to do the same.

To my girl friends who have sent me beautiful messages of support over the past week, and my sister, Danielle, who spent hours dreaming a future for this blog over a Bintang last night – thank you. Your encouragement is like honey to my soul.

If it’s good for the soul, it’s good for the whole‘ Dani Gardner (my fabulous sister)

To my favourite chicks – you know who you are – we need to start planning a guilty escape together…..soon!IMG_0288.JPG






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