Food and travel – if your going to take a guilt trip, make sure you enjoy every morsel

Your guilty escape must include guilty food pleasures! I absolutely need to lose weight- probably 12-15 kg to (26-33 lb which sounds much worse!). But my guilty escape is absolutely not the time to start dieting. I will admit, the extra weight doesn’t make me feel fabulous when, in Bali, you need to wear very light clothing. Shoe string dresses, short shorts and swimmers do not leave any room for flattering (or hiding) that muffin top I’m carrying around.

Every muscle in my body hurts from the daily yoga sessions, but I’m sure I’m bringing back some extra luggage around my waistline because Balinese food is just impossible to resist!

One of the highlights of Bali Goddess Retreats is the food. It’s so good, that no matter how much fun you are having, you will pay for a taxi to get you back for lunch or dinner. The food is mostly Indonesian or Asian fusion and it is to die for. I get the recipes to take home, and I will make an attempt to replicate some of the dishes for my family.IMG_0368-0.JPGDay 3 lunch- Bali Goddess Retreat

Bali Goddess Retreats don’t provide every meal, so you do have an opportunity to sample some of the many great restaurants in the area. My favourite was Chandi, located in Boutique St Seminyak. They do Indonesian / Asian fusion and I enjoyed sitting at the bar stools overlooking the colourful and busy street.

IMG_0374.JPGChilled Spiced Watermelon Soup – Chandi Seminyak

One of our Bali Goddess Retreat “bliss” days included a cooking class at Hotel Tuga Bali. The resort is spectacular, and I’d love to come back here for an escape one day. We created five fabulous Indonesian dishes and enjoyed a beautiful lunch, devouring our creations. I’d like to think I could recreate this amazing meal at home, but I’m not sure I can do it without our cooking instructors. I’d highly recommend this cooking class to anyone visiting Bali.





My escape is nearly over. Next time I runaway, I want to be able to feel fabulous in my body, so I now feel I have a reason to lose some weight. I want to feel confident in my tropical wear. My business clothes can hide some of my 40 something girth, but I want to eat every exotic food on my next trip, wearing a sarong that I feel sexy in. I’m going to take some of these recipes and incorporate them into my daily diet – without the Bintang ( for those of you who haven’t been to Bali, Bintang is the local Beer that is cheap and so easy to drink in the humid heat).

In the meantime….I’m off to eat some more Balinese cuisine before I leave. Bon Appetite!


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