One week away from Family, Work and Responsibility

One entire week away from work, laundry, deadlines.

One week where my hardest decisions involved choosing what treatment I wanted from the spa menu or which direction to head when exploring Balinese streets.

One week where all I had to do was please myself.

One week was just long enough. I left wishing I could stay longer, but the truth is that I’d probably have started being homesick for my family if I’d stayed another day.

One week was enough to get a lovely welcome when I arrived home.

In one week my business didn’t fall apart, and my family survived, in fact they had a great time without me. My husband even sorted out much of our Christmas shopping while I was away (what a hero!!)

I’d like to report that my life has drastically changed and my escape has miraculously made my normal life stress free, but the truth is that the work, laundry and deadlines are still here.

Instead of spending my day in the midst of lush gardens or tropical beaches, I’m back to being surrounded by office equipment and a full diary of work.

Instead of finding my laundry done, room cleaned and dinner served each evening, I’m back to struggling to do these things myself at the end of a full work day.

I have started walking each morning and have enjoyed making us all fabulous fresh juices and smoothies for breakfast. I’m also enrolling into a yoga class and committing to a weekly massage to help release some of the physical tension of being a busy working mum.

I am feeling a little less anxious and a little more centred. One week isn’t enough to change me or my life dramatically, but it helped snap me out of a rut that wasn’t beneficial to my family, business or my own mental and physical health.

One week, was just perfect. It was exactly what I needed.





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