Planning your escape is part of the joy of travelling

One of my favourite Christmas gifts was the pile of travel books my family gave me this year. I say one of my favourites, only because jewellery always get first place! (Thank you honey!!)

The travel books are a pretty special gift too. They will not only give me hours of pleasure in reading, but more importantly, they came with my husband and children’s understanding of my Wanderlust and their encouragement for me to plan more travel.

The travel books join our growing collection of Lonely Planet and other wonderful travel guides, and I plan to pour over them over the holidays and start planning a series of guilty escapes, some with, and some without my family.

Part of the joy I get from travelling is the planning. Deciding where, what kind of trip, places to visit, people and experiences that might make the journey life changing.

I love the countdown to the next trip. Just 65 sleeps, 4 more weeks, 500 hours, tomorrow… I love planning my holiday wardrobe, packing my luggage, checking passports. I get excited planning the itinerary or researching Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet for ideas that will make the trip special. I even enjoy organising travel insurances and paperwork for the trip. Every part of the process is wonderful!

For me, travel provides exhilaration, anticipation and joy, and these emotions help me to be a better mother, wife and business owner. Travel fills my grey days with colour and gives me anticipation of a break to the necessary routines of being a mum with a career.

The end game is to experience, love, explore and make the most of our time on the planet. The end game is not the mortgage or the housework or the work deadlines. It’s about living the best life we can, and, as parents, giving our families every encouragement and support for them to have the best life they can. The example we set our kids is what they will learn the most from us. Telling them the world is their Oyster and that we want them to treasure each moment and live their dreams, all seems hypocritical if we are ourselves are hostage to social expectations of putting our own needs last and sacrificing our own dreams for others.

I’m off to start brainstorming adventure ideas with my family – the kids are currently battling Fiji against Vietnam, I don’t care who wins – we all get the prize.




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