Aussie summer country escape

Sometimes, our holidays don’t involve exploring new places or meeting new people. Sometimes, particularly this time of year, our escapes are closer to home and closer to family.

Every year, after Christmas, we visit my husbands family in the country. There are no passports, hotel rooms or exotic restaurants on this escape – just a packed station wagon, a comfortably made up spare room and lots of good, old fashioned, country fare.

The kids love this trip – they get to see beloved grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (lots of cousins!). They get to play cricket in the summer heat, swim at the local pool, feed the animals and just kick back for a traditional Australian country break.

I love this trip. My mother-in-law is beautiful. I lost my own mum 10 years ago, so I love being in the company of a wonderful mum and grandma who is so calm, non judgemental and who loves us all so much.

The trip takes us 5 hours, and as usual, we arrive in the afternoon just in time for an afternoon brew before dinner is served. There is nothing like a welcoming beer, a country sunset and a hearty country meal.

This trip is guilt free, for me anyway. My husband, on the other hand is guilty of extreme self indulgence in this country town. In fact, I could travel solo for years before I match his guilt. But I will visit that in tomorrow’s post….







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