Sins of my husband

A couple of years ago, my husband had been working in the country and decided to spend the weekend in his hometown while he was in the area. On the Sunday evening he rang to tell me he was staying an extra night….his words were “I need to stay an extra night because the plane needs a service”. My response was “what plane? What are you talking about?”. Him “oh crap, I forgot to tell you, I bought a plane”…….stunned silence…..

Yes, my husband bought a plane without first checking with his wife. He actually purchased a light aircraft with all of the associated maintenance and hanger costs without running through the budgets with me.

Please be assured readers, he did not get away with this mammoth transgression with just the financial costs of the plane! Never again would I need to explain the price of a must-have pair of shoes, for the rest of my life I can point to that purchase if he even so much as asks how much my new outfit cost. Most importantly, I can travel solo, for at least one week a year, for many, many years to come.

He is an ex RAAF Pilot and has a passion for everything aviation. In fact, he used to drive the 9 hour round trip monthly to fly for a local sky-diving company – not for cash, just for fun. Sadly, the sky diving company closed down so he hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to fly. The sky-dive company had been trying to sell the plane for months. They had approached him many times, and on this weekend, over a beer or two (no doubt), the owner and my husband agreed on a price that suited both of them (Both of them…..not both of us).

So…..we own a 45 year old, four seater Cessna which is hangered 5 hours drive from our home.

Whatever happens readers, please do not let my husband know that I actually love that we own that plane. Don’t let him know that I’m giggling internally whenever he apologetically tells me about the latest maintenance cost and I get to self righteously give him that look that says “I would have told you so – but you didn’t run it by me”. Don’t let him know that I’m pleased he can enjoy flying because it’s his passion, and I also really enjoy having my husband pilot us around the country. And whatever happens, don’t let him know that I would have said “YES – DO IT!” if he had have called.







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