Upper Farringdon



I arrived in London at 8am yesterday morning. My first day was spent in Upper Farringdon, near Alton Hampshire which is a quaint English village that was everything I hoped a quaint little English village would be. The architecture is so pretty. Every house, pub, building was so lovely I just wanted to photograph everything.

The weather was beautiful. Crystal clear skys and a perfect 25 degrees. We spent some time looking at some local landmarks – we wandered through some lavender fields, visited Jane Austin’s home (in another perfect little English village) and had a enjoyed a refreshing Pimms at a local pub, then finished the day with dinner at another local pub. A perfect English summer day!

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, so decided to go for a stroll down the lane to the little village a couple of kilometres away. The morning air was brisk and there was a calm mist in the air. The silence of the morning was as thick as the mist.

Most of the house is still sleeping, so I’m sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and watching hares run in and out of the Forrest at the back of the house.

My sister’s father-in-law, Cyrills, built this home and it is just completely English lovely. The homes in the lane don’t have numbers – just names. Cyrill’s house is “Sunnyview”.  I’ve posted pics of some of the neighbouring homes.


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