Koh Samui by myself

I love South East Asia. I love the feeling that I experience with the first breath of Asian air. It’s like a bathroom after a hot shower, but instead of soap, the fragrance is a mystical mixture of organic scents that remind me of tropical flowers and body odour combined. It’s the scent of endless humid summers, rain and warmth, and everything exotic.

South East Asia is a wonderful mix of ancient and modern. Even new structures look aged after a couple of years in the humid, warm atmosphere. Everything is beautiful and wonderfully kitch at the same time. Colour is everywhere. The scent of colour and life is heavy and yet I always feel uplifted and free here.

Over the next five weeks, I get to explore some awesome corners of this piece of the planet.

This week, I’m alone in Koh Samui. I recently stepped down from my role as CEO of a company I founded 9 years ago. I sold it, and this is my little detox trip to start a fresh new life without the ball and chain that has held me back emotionally for years. In three weeks I’ll be in Vietnam with my wonderful Husband and kids to explore together. I needed this little escape first to let go of the old me, and return a new, unemployed, me that has a whole new life to create. One without the pressures of cash flow issues, Government Contracts and ever changing Regulations and Legislation.

Ko Samui. I’ve spent the past three days enjoying body scrubs, massages and Strawberry Dacquiris. I’ve tried the couloring-in thing, I’ve read, I’ve walked aimlessly and eaten as much Thai food as I pleased. It has been cathartic. The knots in my back are beginning to loosen as beautiful Thai women walk on me while I admire the sparkling blue sea. Where else can you get a massage, a cocktail and watch the waves roll in at the same time? (Mental note – is that a viable business idea?)

I decided I’d had enough of stuffy 4 Star hotels. I’ve done that for business trips for so long. They are all the same after a while. This trip I wanted a small rustic beach front hotel that made me feel like I was really in Thailand. I chose San Souci Samui and it has been perfect for me. The room is full of worn but loved furniture, it has everything I need, most importantly an amazing ocean view and a Thai masseuse 10 steps from my room. Free breakfast too! I’d definitely stay here again. Its on the quiet end of Chewang Beach, but the 15 minute walk along the warm blue beach to get to the “action” is probably a good thing.

I’ve posted some photos. I hope they summarise the beauty of Koh Samui.












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