Travelling Solo Together

I caught the travel bug a bit too late. In fact, I caught it after my first trip to Europe about 18 months before I became a wife, and shortly after, a mother. The problem with having the travel bug when you’re a mother is that family holidays don’t quite scratch that itch. Las Vegas with small kids… not quite the same. Bangkok with children doesn’t quite do it either. I tried, I really really did, but the truth is that my kids idea of a holiday doesn’t involve exotic street food, watching the sunrise or long haul flights. They’ve traveled on sleeper trains through South East Asia, they’ve seen the Grand Canyon, stayed with a Mon Hilltribe and ridden elephants in Thailand, canoed on the Mekong Delta, sailed Halong Bay, seen Ubud and most of Bali and explored some amazing corners of Australia.

Recently, I asked my 12 year old what his favourite memory of Thailand was. His answer… “The donuts”. The truth is, their idea of a good holiday is pretty simple. Buffet breakfast (with donuts), a swimming pool and/or beach and a theme park or two. All of the exotic pieces of the planet we’ve taken them don’t really mean a thing unless there is a roller coaster or swimming pool involved.

My husband also loves exploring the planet, but we’ve both figured out, saving for a (super expensive international) family trip that involves kids who aren’t at all impressed with our idea of a holiday is really not a great way to spend our savings.

So….we’re happy to do the annual family holiday that involves donuts, swimming pools and the odd theme park, but we’re now taking turns to have really cool, solo trips that scratch our travel addictions. And, quite frankly, its better on the budget!

He can have his Inca Trail and Everest Base Camp expedition… I’m off to do more of Europe and chase the sun and sand in all of my fantasy tropical destinations. Once a year (and more if we can) we’re travelling solo together.


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